This is a tutorial to help you configure your mail application in Mac Os Leopard to work with Zipline Interactive's system.

1.) In your top menu bar, choose "File > Add Account".  

2.) This will bring up the general Information screen.  Enter in your full name and your email address Click Continue.  

3.) On the next screen.  Under Account type select "IMAP",   For the account description give this a name to describe the account, this will not reflect in your mail settings.  Incoming mail server is '' (click here to learn about the difference).  Account name is your full email address. Enter your account password.  Click Continue. 

4.) On the next screen. This is your outgoing mail settings.  Your Outgoing mail server is ''.  

5.) Your outgoing mail server if sending mail with Zipline needs authentication.  This must match your incoming username (email address) and password. Your outgoing server also requires a TLS connection. Now Click Continue. 

This will now test your incoming mail settings.  

6.) On success click the "Finish" button.  

7.) Mail is now configured to retrieve and send your email.

(This was written using Apples Mail Version 3.2 (914/915) for Mac OS 10.5+ Leopard